Born April, 30th 1975

Fluid Dynamics Engineer
MEng MSc PhD

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Scope of Intervention

Field of competences in fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and energetics,

Numerical simulation, CFD code development

Management and design of tests and experimental validations in fluid dynamics,

Management of R&D projects and team, design office…


2004 Advances in aeroacoustics
Von Karman Institute for fluid dynamics Lecture Series, Belgium.

1999-2003 Ph.D., fluid mechanics
University of Orleans, France.

1998-1999 M.Sc., aerodynamics
University of Orleans, France.
Aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, compressible flow, multiphasic flow, thermodynamics... Computational fluid dynamics, experimental methods in fluid: LDA, PIV...

1996-1999 M.Eng., energetics & fluid dynamics
ESEM (Engineer superior school for materials and energetics), Orleans, France.
Fluid dynamics, Energetics, thermics, combustion, thermodynamics, Computer Science, Materials, CAD...

Professional Experiences

Since Feb 2006: Aerodynamic Systems Manager NSC Group (260 employees, T.O. 160M€) : World Leader for Non-woven textile machinery

- in progress... - Head of all air related subjects of a textile machinery manufacturer group

R&D Projects manager

Design Office

After Sale

2005: Mechanical Engineer  CILAS (200 employees, T.O. 25M€), EADS group.

- 2 months - MegaJoule Laser project.

2003-2004 : Aerodynamics Engineer LME (Laboratory for Mechanics and Energetics), Orleans, France

- 18 months - In charge of numerical studies and experimental validations in aerodynamics within industrial matters.

Low Reynolds number lifting surfaces

Aeromechanical behaviour of a lightweight UAV (Bertin Technology)
Optimisation of endurance race cars aerofoil (PSA customer team)
Air conditioning circuits design for regional transport aircraft (Daher)

2002-2004 : Fluid dynamics and Computer Science Lecturer

- 24 months - Full time temporary position in Polytechnic School of University of Orleans

1999-2002 : Fluid dynamics Research Engineer

- 36 months - Full time temporary position at CNRS, Orleans, for PhD preparation.

Development of an unsteady approach for curved and swept lifting lines numerical computation

Technical and Linguistic Skills

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